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A Duck Says Quack… or Does It?

I originally posted this early this morning and upon FINALLY waking up (stupid time zones) my BlogBet friend sent me a message that iMovie had whacked out and uploaded the wrong video. Yes, he had TWO videos for us. I retracted the post so I could get the RIGHT version up.  So here you go… the post!

The BlogBet has been successfully paid up.

My Twitter buddy, Jason aka iHubby and I made a bet. I know, I know… confusing much? MY hubby is Jason and iHubby is Jason. My Jason and this Jason are not the same. My Jason lives here with me. iHubby Jason does not – he lives in Oregon.

Oregon, you say? Yes, that means he’s a DUCK.

So we made a BlogBet a few weeks ago about The Game. Whoever’s team LOST had to go on the other’s blog and post (wearing the winner’s attire) about how great the other team was. Obviously, or not to those of you who are living in a damn hole, Auburn won 22-19 with a last minute field goal by our all-time leading scorer, Wes Byrum. iHubby decided to do a video* (**) (***) which is FAR more awesome than anything I would’ve done (good thing we won, huh)!

Before I let you see it, let me just say what a cool guy he is… especially taking me on in a bet like this! Dude likes to do laundry, he loves Star Wars and is a freaking cancer survivor! What a Rock Star! Oh, and y’all wanna know the power of blogging? He met his fabulous wife Denise through blogging! Snazzy, huh?

So without further ado… the RIGHT video!

UPDATE August 2019 – Jason removed the video long ago, because he was scared since we had to meet again in 2019. He blamed his computer, but we all knows Ducks are relatives of chickens. 

How awesome was that?

First off, though, where’d you steal that Auburn hat from? I can’t believe they had any in Oregon at ALL! Second of all, I know that took a lot to say WAR EAGLE, especially with such gumption. Third and last, I dare Oregon’s band to have a more kick-ass fight song. It almost made me cry!

It’s been fun! Jason, (aka Snazzy’s iHubby) you’re a great sport! I love meeting someone who is just as passionate about their team as I am. Maybe, just maybe, we can do this again next year! Great game, Ducks, but at the end of the day… WAR DAMN EAGLE!

* Medical disclaimer: If you are prone to seizures from neon colors, beware. jana’s thinking place cannot be held responsible for seizures caused by BCS-Oregon-Uniform-Neon or any other trauma caused by the viewing of this video, physical or emotional.
** Fashion Police Warning: Be aware there are more costume changes than Lady GaGa at an award ceremony.
*** Yes, iHubby and Snazzy, you said my name right! Congratulations… most people royally screw it up!


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