A Few of My Favorite Things (the art ones)

This post is chock full of Amazon affiliate and other referral links. If you click through and purchase something, thanks for my coffee and travel money!

Art Supplies

Watercolor Paper Pads: Canson XL Series Watercolor Pad (9×12, 140 lb cold press)

Watercolors: I love the Watercolor Confections Palettes from Prima Marketing/Art Philosophy. They’re my go-to because of their high quality and ease of carrying them around.

Gouache: Arteza Gouache, set of 60 colors

Palette for mixing paints: Any deviled egg tray you can find. But this one from Williams Sonoma is my favorite!


Skillshare is the most amazing place to learn new skills. I watch hours of classes on watercolor techniques, different styles of art, Photoshop, and all kinds of other things I can’t even remember.

Using this link, you can get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium. If you keep the subscription after that, I may get a little something. At least give it a try!