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    The Key To Grace

    The other day, I stopped at the mailbox to grab the mail. That’s a task I dread most days. It’s never anything fun. Bills, sale flyers, notices that are for people who may or may not have lived here previously (there are like 12 different names on mail that comes here — strange). There was an envelope in there with an unfamiliar handwriting. It was “bulky.” I opened it and was left breathless. This is a Giving Key. If you’re unfamiliar with The Giving Keys, take a minute and head to their site. It’s an amazing story of how a musician simply made a few keys with words of encouragement…

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    What Does It Mean?

    I took this picture the other day, meaning to simply take a picture of the beautiful sky that was the backdrop of even more gorgeous fall color on the nursery. I got it home and looked at it on my computer. This is what I had. Surely it means something. Or it’s just a picture that got wonky? I know it’s calming and gorgeous and strangely comforting. What do you think?

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    Tuesday afternoon. All day Wednesday. Work. No phone. No internet. No email. It’s as if we were living in 1994, or worse, the dark ages. Thank God for cell phones, even though there’s crap service in the office. Selling plants without being able to connect easily with customers and vendors is hard. It’s enough to make you shake in the corner. It’s amazing when you’re in that situation to realize how dependent we are upon technology. It makes for long days. It makes for frustration. It’s paralyzing.

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    Friends From Cradle To Grave

    Forever Friends. Friends Forever. I would venture to say not a whole lot of people can say they have been friends – true friends – with a group of girls since they were born. I’m so blessed to be able to say that I have. From little girls. To grown up girls. Through thick and thin. Through love and loss. Through boyfriends and church bus trips and high school and college. Through wedding showers and baby showers. Through births and deaths. We are seven strong women, all perfect in our own ways. This past weekend we gathered for our annual (why isn’t it more often than that?) girl’s weekend filled…

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    Hey Freddie…where’s our gift?

    Jason and I were married at St. Simons Island on the coast of Georgia in September of 1998. We married at The King and Prince on the lawn, between the 3 palms. Right next to the lawn is a row of about 5 rooms with patios and tables looking out towards the ocean. We had somewhere around 120 people at the wedding. It was a small gathering, a beautiful ceremony and even better reception. My grandfather, an avid golfer, noticed that we had a wedding crasher. The person who turned out to be our most treasured guest was professional golfer Fred Couples. He joined us in his t-shirt and shorts…