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Just Write: The Dust Settles

It’s been a whirlwind.

All at once, all the things had to be done.

Last day of work. First day of work.

Moving out. Moving in.

Taking the kid to Florida. Picking the kid up from Fort Valley.

Everything happened all at once. It wasn’t planned like that — it is what it is.

The dust is settling. We’re settling in the new house, making sure to take a minute to look out back at the calm body of water that’s feet from our back door.

I’m settling in with my new job. I’ve been going into the office every day, but hope to get into the groove of working from home most all of the time starting next week.

Henry will be home tomorrow after being gone for 12 days. On Friday, he’ll ride in the parade with his scout pack.

The weekend will be spent catching up, unpacking, being together, and watching the dust settle even more around us in our new surroundings.

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