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    A Few of My Favorite Things

    I’ve had many people ask why type of supplies I use when painting. I’ve built up an array of goods, but these are some of my favorites. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you buy from any of the links, you won’t pay anything extra, but I might make a commission. Art Supplies Watercolor Paper Pads: Canson XL Series Watercolor Pad (9×12, 140 lb cold press) Strathmore Watercolor Cards with Envelopes: Announcement size, full size, or slim size. Watercolors: I love the Watercolor Confections Palettes from Prima Marketing/Art Philosophy. They’re my go-to because of their high quality and ease of carrying them around. Classics Complexion Vintage…

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    Two Years!

    The last time I wrote about my life — REALLY chatted about what was going on with me personally — I had just gotten engaged and was getting married in a few short weeks. Well, that was two years ago. Slacker? Yes, I am. Life has been pretty fantastic. And there’s this thing that happens when you’re really enjoying life and snuggling on the sofa at night and wanting to spend every waking moment with someone. You want to live it. Not write about it. So here I am, two years later, finally writing about it. Not that I’m not still snuggling on the sofa at night and spending every…

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    My Art. On Things.

    Alternate title: What the hell, my art is on things. I’ve been doing many Skillshare classes over the last few months. If you’re not familiar with Skillshare, it’s a site where you can watch classes on nearly anything. Art, technology, crafts, photography, business, leadership, productivity… shall I go on? I’ve been watching everything from how to paint leaves and cacti to how to digitize my work and use Photoshop. You can receive 2 months of Premium Skillshare by using this referral link. Along with classes, they offer Workshops. The best one I’ve watched so far, is the one called Make and Sell Watercolor Art: From Painting to Products by Cat…

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    Project #3x3x365 – 2019

    At the beginning of 2019, I decided to embark on a daily painting or sketching practice. Each page has 12 3×3 inch squares, and for the most part, has a theme. There are days when it just doesn’t work out — it’s called practice for a reason — and you’ll find some cries for help in there! Enjoy!

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    The Summer of Life Skills

    Life with teenagers is a blast. It’s basically the gift that keeps on giving. This summer, Brian and I decided we were going to help the big kids (16 and 14) learn some life lessons. Skills, if you will, that they will need as they face college and adulthood in the next few years. I found a few lists to use as inspiration, but as usual, we ended up flying by the seat of our pants. They did learn a few things, though. Groceries Are Expensive. We told the kids they were in charge of cooking dinner for us one night a week. They were to plan a menu, research…

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    The Sounds of Summer

    Right now, Africa by Toto is playing in my ear. Before that, it was Aja by Steely Dan. I’m sure in a little while it will be Kiss on my List by Hall & Oates. I call this station the “Official Station of the Pine Needles Country Club, 1985” #YachtRockRadio A post shared by Jana Lawrence (@ohjanabelle) on Jul 29, 2018 at 4:25pm PDT Yacht Rock Radio is my jam of choice these days, and I’ve decided that it’s because of the feelings that bubble up inside me when I listen to the music. The slow melodies take me to the chair of the orthodontist’s office, and even the first…

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    Charlie Blue: The Painting

    For years, I’ve lived by the belief that grief is like a rock in your shoe, an analogy shared with me by a friend only months after Charlie died. It was life-changing in the way that I remember exactly where I was and how my heart fluttered when I realized that YES! This is so true. Grief is different for everyone. It’s always there. But sometimes you find yourself surrounded by reminders. Little snippets of memories. They seem to be everywhere. Numbers, names, colors, smells… ***** My newly joined family recently moved. The thing about being married to someone who wasn’t part of your life when your child died, is knowing how…

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    When Your Heart’s Content

    Left. Left. Left. Ugh. Left Good God this is horrible. Left. Why am I doing this? Left. I can’t believe I got talked into downloading this stupid app. Left. I’m going to turn this stupid thing off. Left. Oh hey, he’s cute. He likes fun and food and beer and whiskey? Pause. Lef…. Right. Shit. Shitshitshit. I should just delete this app. I’ll definitely do that tomorrow. This sucks. Whatever. Being single is fine. I don’t need anybody. ……… Apparently, he thought I was cute and since I declared my love for bourbon in my profile, too, he swiped right. We talked for hours, learned we were both from Middle Georgia,…

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    Reassuring The Mom

    I’ve never been a dreamer. I’ve never been one to look far into the future and imagine things like my own wedding, having babies, retirement. Once I had a wedding and had babies, looking to the future didn’t get any better. In fact, it got worse. I’ve written before that while I was pregnant with Charlie, I dreamed of caskets. I never dreamed of first birthdays or graduations. Only very unhappy endings. A side effect of losing a child is that you have a somewhat irrational fear of your living children being taken from you for any number of random reasons. Like dying from the same thing their brother died…

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    Thirteen. 13. A Teen.

    Thirteen. It feels as awkward rolling off my tongue as it actually is to be thirteen. It’s hard to fathom, really, the possibility of Charlie being here and being thirteen. Waking up with scruffy hair on his head and a hint of facial hair. He would surely talk back to me with a cracking voice and when he might smile, the little boy in him would likely peek through every so often. He would have an attitude like he’s either king of the world or the most sullen teen who ever lived. Lived. If only he’d lived. Damn, there are so many things I would have — WE would have — done. All…