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With Privilege Comes Responsibility

All my life I heard that phrase: With privilege comes responsibility. 

I learned early to roll my eyes, mostly because I was a smart ass and did that kind of thing. But also because normally when that was said, it meant I was about to have to do something. Like, work.

I’ve never really thought about it much, but in my mind, I think I’ve NOT said that to Henry over and over again because I don’t want him to roll his eyes at me. But now that he rolls his eyes for all kinds of reasons, mostly because he’s a 9 year old boy who acts like a 13 year old girl, I figured “what the hell?”

We just moved this last week. With that move came a reason to start fresh on some things. One of those things has to do with giving Henry more responsibilities.mower1

So Jason and Henry went to Home Depot and bought Henry a lawnmower.

Yes, we bought our 9 year old a lawnmower. It was time.

When he mows the grass, he will be earning money that will be divided into Spend, Save, Share. It’s time to learn these things that he needs to carry him through to adulthood. The lawn will be his baby.

It’s also time for him to start saving for a car if he thinks he wants one when he turns 16!

So today, Jason took him out for his first run in the yard with the mower blades on. It went well. Henry managed to mow about β…“ of the yard before his hands got too numb and tingly. It was quite adorable.

mower2But then I looked at the pictures and realized that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.

He’s a little man. His face is changing, his attitude is changing, his likes and loves are changing. He’s almost as tall as me and his feet are bigger than mine.

He leads a pretty privileged  life. And with that comes responsibility. And that he’s about to learn.


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