When I win, I’ll chew bubblegum!

Every year, the world of golf goes absolutely ga-ga when the time finally comes for The Masters – or “the tournament” for those who live in and around Augusta. Jason’s college roommate lives in Augusta and his family is fortunate enough to be on THE ticket list. So usually there is an extra ticket or two floating around out there the week of the tournament. This year, there is no extra ticket, but that won’t stop Jason from going over, drinking gin & tonics and staying up way too late with Greg. His wife & kids are heading out of town like most of Augusta does this time of year, so Henry and I will stay home this year. Jason will hope that a ticket will magically turn up and it probably will if I have to guess!

If you’ve never been, there really is nothing more beautiful than Augusta National during the springtime. There are more azaleas than one could possibly imagine and if they are in bloom is truly is a sight to see. However beautiful you think it is on TV, it’s 100 times more beautiful in person. I know for a fact that when the azaleas have already bloomed and “died”, leaving yucky brown flower remains on the shrubs, they send people out to debloom the shrubs so they look aesthetically pleasing! What a job!

So the other day we were watching a highlights show from last year’s tournament. In one really long run on sentence and in one breath, this is what Henry told us:

I’m gonna play golf when I grow up.
I’m not gonna play baseball now.
Just golf.
And I’m gonna score a lot of points.
And I’m gonna win.
And get a trophy.
And then I’ll get to chew bubblegum!

From the mouths of babes…

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