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Hey Freddie…where’s our gift?

Jason and I were married at St. Simons Island on the coast of Georgia in September of 1998. We married at The King and Prince on the lawn, between the 3 palms. Right next to the lawn is a row of about 5 rooms with patios and tables looking out towards the ocean.

We had somewhere around 120 people at the wedding. It was a small gathering, a beautiful ceremony and even better reception.

My grandfather, an avid golfer, noticed that we had a wedding crasher. The person who turned out to be our most treasured guest was professional golfer Fred Couples.

He joined us in his t-shirt and shorts with his feet up on his table, watching from the luxury of his little cabana room adjacent to the lawn. He apparently watched our entire wedding!

My grandfather longed to go to The Masters and actually got the chance to go before he died so he was thrilled that we had such an amazing guest at the wedding.

We were too…except he didn’t bring a gift*!

So the next April we were at The Masters and just happened to follow him for a few holes (can you say “stalkers”). We wondered if we would get kicked out if we yelled out as he was getting ready to tee off “Hey Freddie…where’s our wedding gift?” That answer is likely, yes.

But every year when the tournament comes around, we think about Mr. Couples and how he didn’t bring us a gift!

Maybe this will be the year he remembers!

*Note To Self: If you crash a wedding, bring a gift.