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Just Write: I’m Just Writing

This morning I forgot to take my medicines.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I took one thyroid medicine. And then I looked at my pill case and thought to myself, “Self, don’t forget to take these before you leave this bathroom.”

Surprise! “Self” as we’ll call her, forgot.

“Self” got about 3 minutes from work and went, “Oh crap! Self, you forgot your meds! This isn’t going to end well.”

And let me tell you. About 5 hours later, I felt like I was in a haze of hot, purple, smoky air with somebody pushing me a little to my right every time I stood up.

All that is probably just from the Lexapro, too. That doesn’t include the fact that I’ve been without – due to my own stupidity – my arthritis meds for a few days and can’t remember to refill it. (Spoiler: I refilled it)

Funny thing I haven’t shared. Recently I switched from Zoloft to Lexapro for anxiety I’ve suffered from since Charlie died. The switch took 9 weeks, but the first week? It was horrible.

There was a 15 to 30 minute time frame one of those where I could feel every single particle of air on my skin. You read that right. Every. Single. Particle.

It felt like millions of tiny needles with air blower thingies on the ends of them, whispering sharply across my skin. Every touch was felt. Every nerve ending was stimulated.

It was quite amazing. In those moments, I realized the power of that medicine. If it could do THAT, imagine what it was doing in my brain. Unfortunately, in those moments, I didn’t really care how it was working in my brain. I simply wanted it to NOT FEEL CRAZY WHEN AIR TOUCHED ME!

Today wasn’t like that. But it was close.

I promise not to forget my medicine tomorrow.

*This was part of Just Write, a free writing exercise hosted by the amazing Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary.*