Dramatic Nonsense,  Just Jana

The Anatomy of A Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Run

pushes Garmin button. 3-2-1-run.

Ugh. This is no good. Get yourself in the right headspace, Jana. 
That’s better. This will be an easy 5-7 miles.
Maybe I’ll do 8. Or maybe just 5. We’ll see. 
Mile 1. Please let my joints loosen up.
Did I remember my meds? I know I took them. 
Mile 2. Did I really take my meds?
Why do I feel like I forgot how to run?
My legs aren’t working right.
One of my legs feels longer than the other. 
Mile 3. 
Do I look like I’m shuffling? Because I feel like I’m shuffling. 
Or maybe I’m limping. Why am I limping. 
Mile 4. This is ok. Much better. I’m in my groove. Will finish strong.
Mile 4.5. Sweet goodness, this is horrible. 
Seriously, why are my legs not working? 
Do I need to see a doctor about my legs obviously being different lengths? 
What if they tell me not to run anymore. I love it. 
Mile 4.75 There’s my groove again. YAY! Wait, what? It’s over? 
That was a HORRIBLE run. 
What the hell happened? 

You know what happened? I finished 5 miles.

Five horrible, no good, very bad miles, but 5 miles nonetheless.