Word of the Year

2016: Filling My Life With Passion

Passion: noun – a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

Passion. It’s been right there, right under the surface, tickling my skin to get out. It’s been on the horizon, waiting, lurking, stalking me until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

The word has been taunting me for weeks. I’ve made lists of options for this year’s word that will, hopefully, guide me through the 366 days of 2016. None of the words stuck out like passion. They just didn’t grab me by the arm and run through a field of poppies with me like PASSION did.

It basically chose itself.

But if I had to guess, passion does that. When you have it and it infiltrates every part of your life, it chooses its own path and guides you along.

This year, I want to parent with passion. I want to love with passion. I want to be passionate about work and maybe even find that *thing* that fills my soul.

In looking back over the past years, I can say that the words that I’ve chosen to guide my year have impacted my life. They’ve become little guys that sit on my shoulder like those good angel/bad angel guys in cartoons. And even years later, they stick with me.

So here’s to adding Passion to the growing list of life-guiding words.



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