365 Days of Stitches Kit Information #365DaysWithJana

Well, hello! 

Thank you for purchasing the kit to start your 365 days of stitches project. The beauty of this project, is that you can stitch something each day or stitch a bunch at the end of the week. Or both!

In 2020, I was going to start this project and do one theme each month. You’ll see in the photo, I went with French knots in January, hearts in February, leaves in March, and then so on. I had a list of themes and was so excited. 

And then COVID came. My project turned into a diary of sorts and became a mixture of a diary, sketchbook, and stitch practice. There is really no limit to what you can do.

View my terrible unboxing video!

Supplies included: 

  • 9” hoop
  • Fabric, with pattern pre-transferred
  • 5 random DMC flosses
  • Needle
  • FriXion Pen

Other supplies you may need

  •   Scissors
  •   Magnifier
  •   A jar to hold your tiny, excess bits of floss, or orts
  •   Pin cushion

A Few Notes Before You Begin: 

FriXion Pen

This pattern was pre-transferred to the fabric using a FriXion pen, like the one in your kit. These pens are heat-erasable, meaning you simply use a hair dryer or heat tool to gently erase the pen marks. This was a game-changing tool to me. I use them all the time for this project to write or draw what I’m wanting to stitch, so I have an idea of how small it needs to be. After I’m done, I simply heat-erase that area and it’s all clean! 

How much floss should I use? 

You should cut your floss to about 18-24” because anything longer will become a tangled mess. 

DMC is 6-stranded, meaning there are 6 individual strands that form the floss. You will want to separate these gently into groups of 2 or 3. For this project, you will likely want to use 2 strands for your elements because it’s easy for delicate embroidery.

How do I start? 

Well, the first thing I would do, is choose a color to stitch the lines. A simple 2 or 3 strand backstitch will be perfect for that element. Then you can stitch the months and year, either using the same color or switch them up! A 2 or 3 strand backstitch (maybe whipped) would be an easy way to stitch the letters. 

How do I stitch? 

Well, take a peek at the next page for some basic stitches. The internet is FULL of videos on how to do everything (plus some). 

A few ideas for each month:

  • January – snowflakes, your favorite stitches
  • February – hearts, love symbols, things that keep you warm
  • March – green leaves, St. Patrick’s Day, spring sports
  • April – spring flowers, variations of stitches to make flowers
  • May – school, graduation 
  • June – summer, vacation, baseball
  • July – 4th of July, summer scenes
  • August – more summer, travel
  • September – back to school, football
  • October – Halloween, fall leaves, variations of stitches to make leaves
  • November – fall leaves, things you’re thankful for, Thanksgiving
  • December – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, winter scenes
  • OTHER – alphabet, numbers, days of the week

You’ll see that in July, I was marking Covid deaths in the US, my cancer journey, and random stitches. 

I’ve included the download of the booklet that came with the kits for you to access, and it includes the daily checklist that makes keeping up so much easier!