See what I did there?

Painter. Writer. Traveler. Dabbler. About’er?

That’s funny, no? Yeah, my kid doesn’t think so either.

Anyway… I’m Jana. Obviously.

I’ve been around for years, writing online since 2008 in various forms, though the last few years have been sparse on my site. Summer of 2019 found me itching to reclaim my space online to share what I call Life 2.0. It involves a new husband, two step-daughters, my son, a dog, and a lot of adventures!

I’m a small-town born, Auburn educated, forty-something. I married right out of college and stayed that way for 17 years. We had a son, Charlie, who died from late onset Group B Strep in 2003. I write about that. We had a second son, Henry, in 2004 who is now a high schooler and keeps us on our toes. We divorced and I found a new love on Tinder. My first husband, Jason, and I remain great friends and our big blended family is better for it.

My new husband, Brian, is great! I shared our beginnings here. Our family has grown big-time and stays busy. My son lives with us and his girls, Brianna and Jamie, live a few hours away with their mom. When we’re all five together, we are quite a motley crew! It really is a blast.

August 26, 2017

Since meeting him, we’ve embarked on some adventures that scratch both of our travel itches. We try to get away somewhere fun every quarter, or more often sometimes. The big kids love to go with us. Jamie prefers her own small trip with just us. It works great.

Over the years, I’ve written for sites like Still Standing Magazine, Band Back Together, Tree.com, Project: Underblog, BlogHer, and other similar sites. Most of the posts don’t even exist any longer, which really makes me quite sad.

My creativity took a turn to painting a few years ago. I enjoy painting commissions for friends, incorporating watercolor and hand-lettering to make sweet and sassy little pieces of art. I will be sharing a lot more about painting in the coming months.

I consider myself to be a very well-rounded person. I guess I’m multi-passionate. I dabble a lot, in a lot of different areas. Therefore, as I’ve said since 2008, my blog niche is actually having no niche.

So I will continue to write and paint and travel and dabble, sharing more than I have in a while along the way.

Welcome back to my site. I’m glad we’re both here.