Basic Embroidery Stitches

A straight stitch is the foundation of all embroidery pieces. It’s made by simply coming up at the 1 and down at the 2. 

Piece a bunch of those together to make a back stitch.

You will take your needle and bring it up at the 1, down at the 2, up at the 3, down at the 1, up at the 4, down at the 3, up at the 5, down at the 4. Think out and back!

Satin Stitch is used as a fill stitch. It’s amazing to use, especially in larger spaces. It’s harder than it looks, but once it’s stitched and finished, it looks incredible.

You will take your needle up at the 1, down at the 2, back up at 3 (as close to 1 as possible), down at 4, and so on.

If your edges aren’t how you’d like them, you can outline using a back stitch. Satin stitch is very much a “practice makes perfect” stitch. I struggle with it, while others use it all the time! You will find, though, that you will have a go-to stitch at some point and maybe it’ll be satin! 

Whipped backstitch is my absolute favorite stitch to use for lettering and straight lines. You’ll start by using a back stitch on the area you’re working in.

Come back to the beginning and come up at your first entry point.

Run your needle from the right, gently under the first stitch, pull through, but not too tight. Carry your needle back and from the right side again, bring your needle under the second stitch.

To finish, take your needle under the last stitch and put the needle back through the last stitch point.

Seed stitch is just a bunch of straight stitches in willy nilly patterns! Go for it. Overlap them. Use different colors. Make confetti! Have fun!

This is great for filling areas or making sprinkles on cupcakes or doing whatever you could possibly want!