• Project #365DaysOfStitches – 2021

    Last year, I chose to embroidery a tiny something each day and it was so much fun to document what turned out to be a really wild roller coaster. I decided to give it a go again this year, adding a 365 Days of Stitches starter kit to my Etsy store. I set a very small goal for myself to sell and surpassed it multiple times over. I’m so grateful for the fun people who are joining in on this project. Follow along on Twitter (mostly in stories) for updates.

  • Thoughts From the 9/11 Memorial

    This post has been in the works for nearly two weeks now. In the same way J and I were left speechless when we were there, I’m left speechless looking at the images. A little back story, though. J was only 3 when the 9/11 attacks happened. She knows very little about any of it. That’s why I felt it was very important to take her to see the sacred space, one that is silent and almost still in a city of hustle and bustle. We talked a lot both days about the tragedy. When we were walking in Midtown, we tried to imagine the streets being filled with people…