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Friends From Cradle To Grave

Forever Friends.
Friends Forever.
I would venture to say not a whole lot of people can say they have been friends – true friends – with a group of girls since they were born. I’m so blessed to be able to say that I have.
From little girls.

Our friend’s first birthday party, 1976.

To grown up girls.

September 2012

Through thick and thin.
Through love and loss.
Through boyfriends and church bus trips and high school and college.
Through wedding showers and baby showers.
Through births and deaths.
We are seven strong women, all perfect in our own ways.
This past weekend we gathered for our annual (why isn’t it more often than that?) girl’s weekend filled with food, drink, gossip and cupcakes. Those are in no particular order!
My oldest friend in the world did a much better job capturing our weekend and our love for each other.
Until (hopefully not that long) next year, girls… I love you more than my luggage! We’re gonna be so badass at 40!


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