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Henry Takes The Wheel

Today is Mother’s Day. Obviously.

Henry has been asking for a blog for a while now, and he will be getting one in a few weeks. But today I invited him to be a guest writer here on my site. I wrote this intro and passed it on to him and Jason to handle. I figured since it wasn’t my favorite day in the world, I could at least make it funny and look at it from a different angle.

Here’s Henry to take the wheel.


my mom is nice, funny,and fun.one time me and mom went to NYC and went to the zoo then went to the LEGO HEADQUARTERS.

I love my mom beacause she’s good at cooking food.Great at tennis and reading.Fishing too.My mother is happy  when I cook for her and draw her pictures.My mom is good at making cookies and brownies.Also having fun with me and my dog.My mom wants a new car me not to be annoying and a new dress.ONE last thing is to be happy.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXXOXOXOX HENRY


  • Julie Jordan Scott

    I adore Henry’s words! So true…. and lovely.

    Mother’s Day hasn’t ever been a truly happy day for me. I understand that and often feel more of a tug to reach out to Moms who have lost children or women who have never had children that sit in a stuffy restaurant eating too much food.

    I hope your day is better than you thought it might be…..

  • Lizz

    You know what, Henry? I think your mom is pretty great too! Can you believe I had never had grits before I met her? You’re a lucky dude to have a mom as awesome as she is! Thanks for telling us why YOU think she’s so great!

  • Samantha

    Dear Henry,
    My mom good at cooking food too! I’m so glad your mom makes you happy, and that you know how happy you make her, too. And when you are annoying your mom and dad, remember that you and your big brother are the reason they get to celebrate mother’s and father’s day, and they wouldn’t trade that for all the non-annoyingness or undifficultyness in the world. I hope you and your mom and dad had a good mother’s day together today–and some good cooking, too!

  • Nana

    Really cool blog HL……….and really cool mom you have there! There were a couple of things you mentioned that I wasn’t aware of, but they make you happy and her happy SO congratulations on your 1st blog and Happy Mother’s Day to you, mom !

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