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I’m Adding Art-o-mat Artist to My Resume

Yep. I’ve got a new line item for my resume.

Art-o-mat® Artist.

A few months ago, I had two friends in the same week tell me about this cool art dispensing projects called Art-o-mat. I looked it up and fell in love.

Y’all. They take old cigarette machines, refurbish them in all kinds of snazzy ways, and send them off to cool venues around the world. Over 400 artists submit unique and fresh art, which is then distributed to machines in art galleries, casinos, restaurants, museums, and other fabulous places like the Smithsonian!

When you see an Art-o-mat machine, for $5 you can start your fresh art habit by choosing an artist, pulling the corresponding knob, and wait for your one-of-a-kind piece of art to go kerplunk.

Anyway, I decided to submit a prototype for my first series (yes, there will be more). It started with ordering a prototype kit. The kit includes blocks and boxes and the acetate to wrap them with (so they’re like a cigarette box and slide out of the machine properly), as well as a sketch book, pencil, eraser, and some other little treats.

I love the simplicity of my monochrome leaves and decided to use a typewriter-like stamp to place short and sweet words/phrases. Torn edges give the pieces a little attitude and depth.

After consulting all my people about which to send, I chose the red “be love” block. Signed my agreement and sent it off. Crossed my fingers and had a glass of wine!

Yesterday, the prototype for this series was approved by Art-o-mat and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The idea that little pieces of me, in the form of 2×3 blocks, will be spread out around the country (world) makes me so very happy!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here making dozens of blocks of love to send out!

Want to know if there’s a machine near you? You can find out on their location map or by looking at the machines themselves.

Update 1.1.2020: Now you can see where you can possibly find #leafywisdom pieces. This shows where my pieces have been or may currently be.

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