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KetchiCAN (we move here stat?): Alaskan Cruise 2019

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Ok. I lied. Sorry.

I lied when Skagway and Juneau made us want to move to Alaska. Ketchikan really REALLY made us want to move. This is one of the cutest places I’ve ever been in my life. I mean, the cutest part used to be a street of brothels, but you know.

We arrived at Ketchikan early, and as usual, we were up, watching from the balcony.

Pulling in to Ketchikan.

The view of the marina and the outskirts of Ketchikan were absolutely adorable. The bright colors of the buildings contrasted with the gray, foggy day was delightfully cheery. Let it be known that this type of day is my absolute favorite. Gray, damp, cold. It’s absolutely perfect.

Ketchikan marina.
From the boat.

We disembarked and our only plan was to mosey around, see Creek Street and some Totems, get some salmon, and buy a few souvenirs because we’d put it off for the most part, until now.

Our first stop was Creek Street. This area in Alaska’s first city, is a former Red Light District dating back to the early 1900s. It’s premier business owner, Dolly’s, house is still there and can be toured. Unfortunately we were there too early for things to be open.

Now, Creek Street is out of the brothel business and is instead filled with small businesses for both tourists and locals.

Creek Street.
Dolly’s House. Photo: Henry Anthoine

Leading out of Creek Street is Married Man’s Trail. Men escaped via this path to avoid fines or being caught at one of the establishments. Now it’s a beautiful footpath full of lush greenery and beautiful views of the Tongass Narrows waterway, where salmon come to spawn. Unfortunately we were about a week too early to catch the salmon in action.

The name of the little path behind Creek Street. Photo: Henry Anthoine
Tongass Narrow Waterway.
River otter. Our new pet. Photo: Henry Anthoine

Once we reached the top of Married Man’s Trail, we were in a residential area of town. Since we’re ready to move, we decided to walk through the area and choose a house. Instead, we came upon a bridge where people were lined up looking at the most glorious bald eagle ever seen.

Henry took photos from the bridge and then walked down to the water to get some closer photos.

Eagle. Up close and personal. Photo: Henry Anthoine
So glorious. Photo: Henry Anthoine

But then… then the eagle saw Henry and was NOT happy. He stared Henry down for a few minutes and then flew off angrily. Luckily, it was only to a tree a few yards away, but for a minute, we thought he might attack Henry. Now THAT would have been a great story!

Angry bird. Photo: Henry Anthoine

Walking through the area, we saw some of the cutest houses, including one with gnomes all in the yard!

A yard where every inch was either moss or a gnome.
Photo: Henry Anthoine

The stop in Ketchikan was short and we had to be back on board around noon, so we walked into the downtown area to see the Totems and go to the shops. We bought sweatshirts and salmon and played with funny bears.

Beary cute.
A little Fort Valley in Ketchikan. As usual. Photo: Henry Anthoine

Back on board, we ate and drank and sat on the balcony and deck. The kids read and hung out in the arcade and Enchanted Forest and probably ate their weight in ice cream.

Dinner was delicious and the kids got to see a “final night” entertainment with Baked Alaska, complete with fire! Knowing we wouldn’t be at dinner the next night probably, we lapped up all the Raymundo love we could. He and his team were just fantastic the whole week.

Baked Alaska and Raymundo.

After dinner was the Comedy Club again. This time, Brianna got some Gerry love. She was as smitten with him as could be. And I mean, who can blame her? Look at this guy…

Brianna and Gerry.

With one day left, mostly at sea and then a few hours in Victoria, British Columbia, we were finding ourselves tired and ready for the sun to actually set! I feel like it’s something we’ll get used to when we live here (!) but something that a week doesn’t give you time to adjust to.

Up next: At Sea and Victoria, British Columbia.

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