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Letting My Competitive Side Show

I don’t feel like I’m very competitive. I mean, I’m sure I am in many ways, but I don’t think of myself as going around being all “I have to be THE BEST or I have to WIN or I have to run as FAST as I possibly can.” Maybe I do and just don’t know it.

But at any rate, I don’t feel competitive for the most part. Until it comes to fundraising.

When it comes to fundraising, I long to be the best. Did you hear me? THE BEST!

In less than two weeks, as you may know (unless you’ve been living under a rock or are new here) I am running the Glass Slipper Challenge at Walt Disney World. I’m doing this as part of Team RMHC, with funds raised going to The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Georgia.

The RMH of Central GA holds a very dear place in my heart for several reasons.

The first reason is simple. They do amazing things for families. Families can stay in a comfortable room and have meals provided for only a few dollars a night in a facility right near local hospitals where their children are being treated for medical conditions. These families are dealing with everything from 1 lb babies to flu or broken bones to cancer treatments to brain injuries and they’re blessed to be able to stay close to their children and have time to refresh their minds and bodies so they can be prepared to care for their child when they go home.

The next reason is that I feel some sort of attachment to this House in particular. I signed up as a volunteer before the House was even nearing completion. For 5 years, I volunteered in the office, served meals on a monthly basis, and even served on the Board of Directors.

The last reason is that my Charlie has a permanent room there. When Charlie died in 2003, donations poured in to the tune of several thousand dollars. We were asked if we wanted to sponsor a room in memory of Charlie. We pledged a larger amount and over the years, paid our pledge off. The playroom at the RMH in Macon is sponsored by ALL OF YOU (and all of us) in memory of Charlie. It holds a special place in our heart and will forever.

My family has never actually stayed in a Ronald McDonald House. We’ve been blessed to never have a long-term medical situation that would warrant it. When Charlie was sick, we only lived a mile away, so we could go home if needed. But because of my relationship with the RMH and my commitment to volunteer and serve there, I have made some friends that I can’t imagine my life without. Some worked there, some were families there.

Last year, I ran the Princess Half Marathon at Disney with Team RMHC. To be on the team, you had to pledge to raise $600. I set my goal at $2500. I went a little over, with help from all of you.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 1.53.18 PM

This year, I set my goal a little lower, even though I’m running 19.3 miles instead of 13.1.

I’ll be running the Glass Slipper Challenge on Feb. 22 and 23. On the 22nd, I’ll run a 10k and on the 23rd, I’ll run a half marathon. Three medals will hang around my neck after Sunday morning.

I will do this in honor and memory of all those who have had their families sheltered at the Ronald McDonald House over the years. I will do this in honor of YOU, lovely people who donate to my fundraising efforts. I will run this race in honor of my running buddies and cheerleaders. I will do this in honor of my family – Jason and Henry – who support me every step I take. Above all, I will run this in memory of my son, Charlie, whose beautiful spirit protects that playroom every day of the year.

Here’s where I ask for your help. I want to reach my goal and I can’t do it alone. If I could, I’d write a check!

Right now, I’m sitting at $1115.

To reach my goal, I need to hit $2000 by Feb. 17. 

That $2000 will support The House for two days. If we break it down by nights, it will pay for 133 nights for families who may not be able to pay the $15 fee. It will change the lives of those who are touched by the Ronald McDonald House of Central Georgia.

And it will push me across the finish line.

Thank you for your love and support.

**Fundraising is complete**

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