Ho-Ho-Holidays,  Life as an Anthoine

Optimism, Football, and Thanksgiving Flu

Nothing I have to say right now warrants its own post, so you’re getting a combo post. I’ll give you a second to get over your giddiness.



Henry has the flu. I KNOW. A holiday week with a sick kid? OF COURSE!!

Yesterday, Jason took him to the doctor with the symptoms that had really shown up only about 10 hours earlier. Quick and bad. That’s how the flu looks. Positive test. Of course.

I skipped out of work a little early because it was pouring rain, we had no customers, and Jason had some work calls he needed to take care of. When I got home, the first words Henry said to me were, “Having the flu stinks, Mom.”

Yes it does.

The good thing is, we aren’t traveling for the holidays and he’s already feeling a little better. At least his fever isn’t 102 anymore.


Let’s talk football. Specifically, Auburn Football. Here’s where the “Optimism” part of the title comes from.

Pre-season, I had Auburn finishing number 10 in the BCS for our office pool. People in my office ACTUALLY LAUGHED AT ME. Of course they did. We went 3-9 last year and honestly, probably shouldn’t have won those 3 games.

So I had us at number 10. There’s part of me that’s so proud that I had the optimism and hope to put us there, while at the same time, there’s part of me that’s pissed that I was so pessimistic to put us WAY DOWN THERE at number 10.

While sitting at number 4, with our eyes staring down the barrel of the Iron Bowl, the end of the season looks sweet. Whether we win or lose, this 2013 Auburn team has led won of the most amazing comeback seasons ever.

This weekend I’ll be heading over (as long as I don’t catch the flu from Henry) to do my “mosey and mooch” brand of tailgating.

After being there for the Georgia game, I really got the bug.


I need more Auburn in my life. I need to be in the city and around the campus and with my people. I spent so many years spending every single home game Saturday in Athens, I have just really noticed how much I missed Auburn and our Spirit That Is Not Afraid.


Other random tidbits of trivia:

I met the super cool Mir at an event last week. She’s adorable and I may have a blogger crush on her now. The event may have been at the University of Georgia. I also may have had the score of the Auburn/Georgia game written on my thigh. (However, I left the hat, bag, and shaker at home.)


The Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta site is live! Go check it out and share it in all the places you can! We will be filling that space with fun posts, announcements, and other excitement.

My Grannie’s geraniums are still blooming and they make me smile. Her front porch was always lined in pink and red geraniums, from Spring until the first real cold in the Fall.

It’s strange not having the pre-Thanksgiving talk about who’s bringing what to Thanksgiving at Grannie’s. It’s even MORE strange to have to buy cornbread dressing. One of my biggest regrets is not having her teach me to make her biscuits and dressing. At least I have the salmon patties down pat.


I want to wish all of you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for each and every one of you. May your families be blessed.

Oh, and War Eagle!


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