Stitching: A Few of My Favorite Things

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Supplies to Get Started

  • 7″ Embroidery Hoop – This hoop is plastic and so sturdy! And no splinters!
  • Fiskars micro-tip scissors – These are great for keeping in my kit. They’re small, sharp, and orange so they’re easy to find!
  • DMC Tapestry Size 24 Needles – I can’t see, but I can thread a needle on the first try every time. Find a needle YOU can thread. But these are the ones I love.
  • DMC Embroidery Floss – There are a bazillion colors to choose from. But I stick with the DMC brand.
  • DMC Floss Kit – This has 149 skeins of DMC floss. It’s a great deal for starting out!
  • Fabric – This is a smooth, white, starter fabric. It’s great to use to practice stitches and play until you get it down.
  • Wooden Hoops – I finish my pieces by putting them in wooden hoops. Sometimes I paint them a fun color from my piece. Sometimes I leave them bare.

Transfer Supplies

Transferring patterns from a PDF or your own drawing can be tricky. I’ve found a few things that help out tremendously!

  • FriXion Pens – These are great for transferring using a light box or bright window. Simply draw on your fabric with the pen, stitch your piece, and then use a hair dryer to make the pen marks magically disappear!
  • Sulky Printable/Dissolvable Stabilizer – You can resize your piece to whatever hoop size you are using and then print directly on this stick-on stabilizer. Apply the design to your fabric, stitch, and then dissolve the stabilizer off in hot water. You will have to iron your piece after it’s dried, though. That’s the one downside, but this is so easy to use.

Learning to Stitch

Fun Places to Find Inspiration