The Christmas Horse

Once upon a time, in like 1978, there was a little girl we’ll call Lana (rhymes with Jana, only different).

Lana got dressed up one day in her pretty little red dress with her precious white tights that seemed to stay bunched up around her knees and ankles. She was only 3.

Lana’s mother and her mother’s best friend were off to do some shopping before Christmas. Lana was the only child between the two families and therefore was very rotten. Secretly, to this day, she’s still the favorite of the children between the two families! They headed off to Macon to a little gift store called Forrester’s. They probably made a stop at Pappagallo, the ladies’ favorite shoe store.

Forrester’s had a great little area in the center with things to occupy small children while their parents shopped. It had a little table, crayons, coloring books, books and puzzles. It happened to be around Christmas, so there were 3 little reindeer displays outside this children’s area. The reindeer had merchandise beautifully placed in the little boxes on their backs and were small and cute!

They looked similar (used loosely) to this. Though there probably weren’t earrings. Or lipstick smiles. Oh, and it didn’t have big black eyes. But this is similar.

Lana, the precious little angel she was, colored and read and put together puzzles.

A few minutes later, her mother heard a THUD. Followed by screaming. And then crying.

Yes, you figured it out. That little reindeer was too cute for Lana not to play with. She had taken all the merchandise out of the back, sat on it and tried to ride it away. Only the little reindeer didn’t move. It just tumped over. And because Lana was holding on to his antlers, they snapped.

Forrester’s had a very clearly stated “You Break It, You Buy It” policy. Lana’s mother politely took the reindeer, sans antlers, to the cashier and said that she would be buying a reindeer she hadn’t planned on getting. They rang it up at full price and she went on her merry way.

Fortunately Lana wasn’t old enough to know better or to have to rake leaves and pick up pecans for the rest of eternity to repay her mother for the accidental de-antlering of this poor, unsuspecting creature.

For the next 30 years, that de-antlered reindeer would grace the house of Lana and her family. Every year it would sit on the hearth and collect Christmas cards. It would always be referred to as the Christmas Horse.

In 2005, Lana was given the Christmas Horse. She was, after all, the reason the reindeer became a horse… and became a Christmas fixture in their home.


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